FSF asks Google to Open Source VP8

Funny to see that the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has written an open letter to Google about an idea that I’ve been thinking about since reading about the stand-off between Mozilla and Google on H.264 and Ogg.

Update May 20th 2010: Google has indeed open sourced VP8, and has launched the WebM Project to promote it.

After I heard that Google took over On2, the company behind VP8, I thought “time for Google to put its money where it’s mouth is….” since they have been talking about how they want to make the Web better for everybody, not just users of Chrome :)

Open-sourcing VP8 would allow every other browser builder (Mozilla, most importantly) to incorporate the codec into their browser, opening the way for the <video /> HTML5 tag to become a success.

My $0.02? (maybe a bit of wishful thinking): What the FSF is asking for is exactly what Google had in mind when buying On2.

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