Book Publishing 2.0

I own a copy of Manning’s ‘Unlocking Android’, which I believe is getting outdated quite quickly. Sure, the general principles still apply but every developer hates the feeling of spending time on something that may be outdated.

I came across this website, a companion website for three highly-rated books on Android. The author behind it did something I haven’t seen before. He offers an annual subscription for $40, that allows you access to his three books and get updates to the books at no extra charge. The Android platform is evolving at a high pace so the updates you get for those 40 dollars are really useful.

Count me in.

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  1. Jeroen February 24, 2010 at 10:24 am #

    Nice new way of selling your stuff. I just came across a science fiction writer who just made his books available under Creative Commons license: Straight to my eReader…

    BTW: android rules, did you see the Google Goggles and Shopper applications? So basically Google rules ;-)

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