KLM gets it: flight crew gets Google Apps

KLM moves the email for all its flight crew to the Google Apps cloud. The benefits are obvious:

  • It’s cheap
  • Easy access anywhere in the world with both computers and mobile devices
  • Easy collaboration through Google Docs

Microsoft is playing catch-up with their Office Online offering but I believe they’re behind too far to really match Google. One popular reason for people not to want to migrate to Google Apps is that Google Spreadsheets is perceived to be lacking functionality.

I have migrated a couple of businesses to Google Apps and it has been a slam dunk success every time, finishing the migration within a day. Some expert Excel users within an organization may find the spreadsheets functionality lacking. But when your organization has an army of Excel experts (for example for analyzing your client data for sales oportunities) it seems to me your organization is doing software engineering without being aware of it. That means that those Excel sheets are likely to produce buggy output, since they are not developed using proper software engineering principles (testing comes to mind).

You’re probably better off analyzing those use-cases and having a custom application developed for those, obviously with web-enabled access to allow for easy access.

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