Koans: nicest way to learn a language

Just a quick one to let everybody know how cool I think the ‘koans’ idea is. I think the Ruby guys started out with their excellent Ruby Koans and I certainly had fun doing them.

I have already been a Groovy user for a while, so didn’t really need to do go through its koans. Still happy to find out someone had made the effort of writing some koans for Groovy. There’s a few more, if you google them. Now, I’m busy working my way through the Scala Koans, which, truth be told, needs some work on its runner. That doesn’t get in the way of fun though, you can still find out in which order to solve the koans by reading the right source file.

Update: also, these Javascript Koans look interesting.

Kudos to the Ruby community for introducing this concept to programming universe.

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