picture of Hans
My name is Hans Westerbeek, and I am software engineer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I first started working in this field in 1997, so one would hope that I have learned my lessons :)

If you need software project expertise, don’t hesitate to contact me.

The things I can do for you:

  • Design and implement your application.
  • Talk to your business team and figure out requirements for the project.
  • Assist your team lead (or be your team lead) in making choices presented by the vast landscape of open source technologies.
  • Help getting your project out of technical trouble.
  • Get your team on-board when introducing changes to your technology-stack.
  • Simply getting things done.

My core competences include:

  • Java
  • Spring Framework, the leading framework in the Enterprise Java world, including many of the other Springsource portfolio products
  • Scala
  • Web Services, from SOAP to REST
  • Object-Relational mapping with Hibernate or JPA. I’m no stranger to the new breed of NoSQL databases
  • End-to-end knowledge, from Javascript in the browser to message-bus infrastructure on the backend, I can connect the dots because I see the whole.
  • A solid approach through architecture based on best practices learned both through personal experience and by reading literature
  • The Agile/Scrum methodologies and the principles of Lean software development
  • Test Driven Development, Unit testing, Functional Testing and Continuous Integration
  • Integrating your core systems, experienced with a wide array of choices: from the most basic type to sophisticated ones using Enterprise Integration Patterns

I am a member of Know IT. We have monthly mini-conferences where members do an hour long talk on a professional subject of their choice. I have done talks with the following titles:

  • The Skeptical Programmer
  • Real World Grails
  • Functional Testing with Geb and Spock
  • What’s up with AOP in 2009?

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you think your project could benefit from my expertise, or if you would like to review my resume.