Java on Appengine with Spring: not a walk in the park

Over the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with Google Appengine. Its benefits are well documented, but when you actually dive into development there’s a few things that are troublesome for those developers that are used to deploying Spring based applications on say, Apache Tomcat. This posting is not an appengine-bashing, it just mentions a […]

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Better Custom Enterprise Applications by integrating with Google Apps

Update march 11th: And here’s the business model: Google announces the Google Apps Marketplace. As a software engineer, I am excited to see all the possibilities offered by the Google Apps. Finally I can write custom applications that integrate nicely with a company’s existing office infrastructure. In the past, this has always been hard (and […]

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KLM gets it: flight crew gets Google Apps

KLM moves the email for all its flight crew to the Google Apps cloud. The benefits are obvious: It’s cheap Easy access anywhere in the world with both computers and mobile devices Easy collaboration through Google Docs Microsoft is playing catch-up with their Office Online offering but I believe they’re behind too far to really […]

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Book Publishing 2.0

I own a copy of Manning’s ‘Unlocking Android’, which I believe is getting outdated quite quickly. Sure, the general principles still apply but every developer hates the feeling of spending time on something that may be outdated. I came across this website, a companion website for three highly-rated books on Android. The author behind it […]

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Sonar: a valuable tool for every Java shop

If your organization develops Java applications, chances are that Sonar could be very valuable for you. Sonar helps you calculate your technical debt by analyzing your project’s source code. Here’s Ward Cunningham’s definition of it: Shipping first time code is like going into debt. A little debt speeds development so long as it is paid […]

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What I’ve been reading

I’ve always appreciated it when people share their favourite books. Here’s a list of a few of the books that have been important for me, professionally.

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Getting hooked by Stack Overflow

Oh dear, every now and then you come across something new and you just know you’re going to be spending a lot of time on it. is a great merit-based questions/answers community for developers. I’ve only just got started there so my reputation score is low, I’ll link to it once it’s looking like […]

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FSF asks Google to Open Source VP8

Funny to see that the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has written an open letter to Google about an idea that I’ve been thinking about since reading about the stand-off between Mozilla and Google on H.264 and Ogg. Update May 20th 2010: Google has indeed open sourced VP8, and has launched the WebM Project to promote […]

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Software Engineering in an Emerging Economy

The past few months I have spent in Indonesia, finding out what the level of software engineering is. I enjoyed it a lot as I got to work with quite a few talented developers. The most striking thing I found out: despite of all cultural differences, software engineers deal with the same problems or mechanisms […]

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