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Weekend fun with the Dutch Railways API

Recently, Dutch Rail (called NS in Holland) made an API available. I thought I would put it to use.

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Tricking Google Appengine into compiling jspx files

I ran into a little gotcha the other day. Appengine was refusing to compile and process my .jspx files. The solution was horribly simple.

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Appengine persistence: just say no to JPA and JDO?

I have been experimenting with writing an application for the Java edition of Google Appengine, which I blogged about before. Back then, I was still trying to use JPA with the Datastore, but the longer I was trying, the more I got the feeling that JPA (and JDO)  just don’t fit Google’s Datastore very well. […]

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Java on Appengine with Spring: not a walk in the park

Over the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with Google Appengine. Its benefits are well documented, but when you actually dive into development there’s a few things that are troublesome for those developers that are used to deploying Spring based applications on say, Apache Tomcat. This posting is not an appengine-bashing, it just mentions a […]

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