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No benefit in migrating from Spring to Java EE

Lately Oracle is providing a podium for people (you know who you are) who are telling you that you should migrate from Spring to Java EE. The first articles making that case started appearing a year and half or so ago but it seems Oracle isn’t giving up. They should, because the case their minions […]

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Consuming and developing and testing web services with Groovy and Grails

For a recent project, I used Groovy and Grails to both consume and provide and test webservices. In this post I would like to share a few of the highlights, and the rationale behind some of the choices I made.

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GWT moves forward rapidly

So much has been happening in the GWT community lately that I wanted to write a posting summarizing those developments and why they matter.

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Java on Appengine with Spring: not a walk in the park

Over the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with Google Appengine. Its benefits are well documented, but when you actually dive into development there’s a few things that are troublesome for those developers that are used to deploying Spring based applications on say, Apache Tomcat. This posting is not an appengine-bashing, it just mentions a […]

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