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It’s the QA Process, Stupid

Apple’s recent TLS/SSL fiasco has lead programmers from all walks of technical life to laugh out loud. My twitter timeline filled up with tweets to the effect of “How could those guys at Apple be so dumb to use goto and not use curly braces?”. The worst issue here was not sloppy coding, but something else.

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Write unit tests with Spock: a tutorial to get you started

I like Spock Framework. I love it for its clarity, brevity and ease of adoption. So, I prepared a ‘lab’ style tutorial for Java programmers to convince them that it is beneficial to start using Spock. Get started right away with the tutorial by cloning the github repo, or by downloading the zip and typing ‘./gradlew test’ in the homedir. […]

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Functional Testing: lessons learned

Finally I got around using functional testing (some people call it ‘System Testing’) extensively in a project. This post lists what I’ve learned about functional testing and more specifically, Geb, which allows you to automate functional tests.

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